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"Your customer service was exceptional! I received the package today and we are all excited. I may order something else for the Family. These are wonderful memories for the kids---and me!!" Anita

"You took some great shots of all the racers. Of course everyone isn't perfect, that's why the way you take them we can pick and choose. Thank you for giving my grandson some great pictures to look back on when he gets older." Dianne

"Everything is great. Thanks for the follow-up." Ken

" Your disc arrived sometime while I was gone and it is fantastic!! The stickers are fantastic-(trim & stick) they will be major hits with the grandparents and aunts and uncles!! I'm going to dish them out sparingly! My daughter and I looked at the CD together and loved how the background and lighting changes-now you see'em now you don't!!(removed distractions from the images) You're a gem- so thoughful and generous of you -really can't thank you enough!!" Danielle

"Everything is perfect. We are very happy with the quality, promptness and all your help with selection and pricing. I will be ordering more in the near future." Ian

"I received the photos-they came out great-in one you can really see my daughter's eyes and how she was concentrating." Pam

"Got everything. Terrific shots. Thanks"Bruce

"I just wanted to thank you for sending the pics so quickly.

The reporter said they were great - better than anything he could have done." Carmine

(pics are being used for a newspaper article on his racer)

"Thanks for the photos. The kids have had a great time looking at themselves" Rob

"Thanks so much, these photos fit perfectly" Carl Yard

(shots resized for Carl's website)

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