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1. Do I need to "Register" ?

2. How can I watch a Slide Show or view larger images?

3. How can I view images faster or load pages faster?

4. Are there any discounts for multiple prints?

5. How can I listen to music while checking out the pics.

6. I don't have a PayPal account can I pay by check?

1. Do I need to "Register"?

No, you can view the Galleries without Registering or Signing In, however there is a helpful advantage to Registering. When you "Register" you will be asked for your e-mail address and to create your own password. You will asked for your City of Birth which is used in case you forget your password.. The registration info does not leave the site, you will not receive any junk mail, spam or e-mails from this site or others. Do not be concerned by the "Account" language...I can't change the template wording. Registering is simply a way to allow you to use your personal image storage area under "Favorites" . I pay for this capability so the large amount of images I show can be managed by you as you view. Once you Register you can simply click on the Favorites symbol on every thumbnail image and it is stored directly to your own Favorites. Whenever you sign in your Favorites are  there...you never have to locate your favorite shots again. You can run a slide show or purchase images directly from your "Favorites" at any time. If you want to share your images with anyone in the world you can give them the e-mail address and password and they can view your Favoites storage and they can purchase prints (they will use their own PayPal account) your Favorites area  has no connection to PayPal, it is simply a storage area keyed to your e-mail and password.

Also, once you Sign In you can use your personal Favorites (storage area ) to hold your favorite images as you leave and return to the site. You can create your own slide show of your favorite images without having to look them up at each visit. There are no memberships, aggreements or charges of any type for this service. Enjoy!

Privarte Galleries for private events, such as weddings or private shoots, are only visible when released to your sign in name and password. No Sign In - no visibility.

2. How can I watch a slide show or view larger images?

Click on the Magnifying Glass or directly on the thumbnail and you will be taken to the larger photo review page. From here you can run the slide show controls. A slide show only runs for the selected page. You can change the "results per page" tab to "90" and have a much longer show without changing pages as often on large galleries.

3. How can I view images faster or load pages faster?

If you are having trouble loading after the "Enter Site" page or experience slow image viewing you need to do a little computer house cleaning. Windows saves program and page reference information whenever you are using Internet Explorer. All this info builds up and slows down your system performance especially when you are online. Here is the procedure for "cleaning up" Windows Internet Explorer.

Enter Windows Internet Explorer

Click on "Tools"

Click on "Internet Options"

Delete all temporary files (also check box for "offline files")

Delete all "Cookies"

Delete "History" There is also a setting for the number of days to save before auto clearing. (1)

Click "Apply"

Exit Internet Explorer

Restart Internet Explorer

You will see an instant improvement in online performance. This procedure should be done frequently....weekly if you are a heavy internet surfer.

For other Browser software or Apple, check your software FAQ to accomplish similar tasks.

4, Are there any discounts for multiple prints.?YES!!

If you want more than one print of an image (multiple copies)

or more than a single print (different images)

Once you are in the Shopping cart click on the Description Pull Down.

Here you will find pricing for additional prints (with no limit) Let's say you wanted two 8x10 Hi-Gloss prints.....you would purchase the first at the "First Print Description" then the additional (same pic or different) with the "Additional Print Description"

Additional 5X7's save 30% Aional 8x10's save 20%

Ordering additional image files on CD saves a whopping 80%!

If you have a special requirement or multiple Larger prints simply send a note in "Contact" tab describing what you require and I will work out an "offer you can't refuse"! LOL

5. How can I listen to music while checking out the pics?

Simply click on the speaker symbol in the upper right cornor and press the play symbol (triangle) Currently I can only fit three songs here and they will play through and loop unless you turn them off with the stop. You can use the volume bar together with your own speaker volume. I do take requests...so just ask!

6.I don't have a PayPal account can I pay by check?

Although PayPal is the prefered payment method I'll work with you to accept your check payment. Because you will not be using the automatic order entry, Please write an e-mail using the image names and descriptions of what you require, for example: image #D20-3453, one 8x10 Hi-Gloss Print, and so on. I'll then price your order with shipping and e-mail back. Once I receive your check I'll send the order out.

As you can see using the PayPal check out is much easier and also allows you to use all major credit cards. All PayPal transactions are done via their secure website, your information is not visible to me or stored on my site.

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